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May 2022

Here are a few perennials that are easy to grow and will suit most gardens!

ARMERIA Dreameria. New variety ideal for our sandy soils and especially suited to those nearer the sea. Common name Thrift or Sea Pink but... this beautiful breakthrough in Armeria breeding provides frost to frost flowering in containers or in the garden.

01.jpgArmeria Dreameria Daydream

Very heat tolerant and easy to grow. Remove old flowers once a month for best performance. Four varieties and colours!

02.jpgArmeria Dreameria Daydream

Lily of the Valley has one of the loveliest fragrances in the garden, produced by small, waxy balls that appear in early summer. Srprisingly robust, it forms dense graound cover, even in sites with limited light. I grow mine under the window sill in my north facing garden where it gets no sun. To plant, loosen the soil to a depth of 12". Dig a hole deep enough for the roots and position the plant so the crown (where the roots meet the stem) is about an inch below the soil surface. Cover the roots with soil and water well.

03.jpgLily of the Valley

Happy gardening - Liz
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