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April 2022

There is nothing more beautiful in an English garden then a rose. Our ancestors, those with large gardens, would grow roses in large separate beds which their gardeners would look after and the houses would be full of vases of perfumed blooms from June to September.


Few of us live in large country houses with acres of grounds and even fewer of us have full time gardeners to tend to our roses. Roses have become less popular due to decease and the withdrawal of many of the chemicals that the ancient gardeners used.

However, roses are coming back into popularity due to the producers of virus tested rootstock, and work to produce more decease resistant varieties so it is possible for everyone, even those with balconies and the smallest of gardens can grow a rose.It is advised,where possible to grow among other plants, perennials and shrubs, rather than in rose beds and they all need feeding with rose food as they are all greedy plants and all need full sun.

flower02.jpgHot Chocolate Floribunda

Miniature Roses asthe name suggests are good for patio pots and can make good presents for birthdays and other anniversaries. H.T. Hybrid teas are the largest and most popular rose class, due to their elegant form and large variety of colours. They are known for their long, elegant pointed buds that open slowly. Hybrid teas have a high-centered bloom form and are carried singly or with several side buds.

Floribundas (also called cluster-flowered roses) have many flowers perstem and tend to repeat-flower continuously from summer to late autumn. Climbers and Ramblers are as the name suggests need something to climb up a wall fence, pergola

flower03.jpgSweet Dreams PaJ J o/Miniature

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